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it looks very cool but somehow i can't move 

i tried re installing it but that didn't help

is there anything i can do??

Sorry to reply so late, just try tapping "L" and see if that works, i had some old leftover key rebinding code that i didnt clean up.

Hey you fixed the first level restart bug! 

Nicely done, five stars.


the revolver's double action delay is a nice touch

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I literally fell in love in an hour.

The sound design and overall appearance are just incredible.

I like this absolutely genius delay after pulling the trigger of a revolver, for me it's a killer feature!

But I had one problem with finishing the first level. After clicking "Continue" it restarted me, but after I restarted the game it fixed.


When I completed the first level and clicked on 'continue' it just restarted the first level ???

Thanks, I will look into it. For now Im unable to reproduce the bug myself.
Did it occur multiple times or only once?

Multiple times, couldn't get past the first level.


your game is very cool. nice looking art, coo lanimations and guns

cool to see that it is gamemeker not more common engines like unity unreal or godog

As for feedback, i pressed R, it thrown me in the menu, i try to continue it restarts the level , losing progress,  :(

True, i really should work on more quality of life improvements like menus and options. Thanks.


Awesome game! Very fun and can be challenging. Nice work!


nice shooter retro